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Quality from Sintex company

All raw materials, which are used in production, are permitted for use in food industry and conform to health standards and hygienic regulations. Technical specifications are according to State Standards. Every shipment of goods comes with necessary documents that prove quality and safety of the products.

Employees of our company pay special attention to quality of our products. Thats why in 2014 we have started to implement HACCP principles which are mandatory for food manufacturers in the Western countries. The first step was the certification of quality management system according to ISO 9001:2009. Implementation of it makes manufacturing of low-quality and unsafe products impossible. To improve control of quality of the products, our company decided to pass certification on ISO 22000, which is the newest standard of management of food safety. We need to pass long road but result is the best award trust of our customers.

Quality policy declaration of SINTEX Trade Co., Ltd

Sintex Trade Co., Ltd

- is working in real sector of economy, developing, implementing and improving growth and manufacturing of national product in food industry. Effectiveness of quality management system of SINTEX company is strategic sign of competiveness and guarantee of improvement of economic position and welfare of all workers.

Our company values own contractors and partners. Every contractor is unique for us and we are ready to renounce our interests for his own. In our work we follow principles of mutually beneficial cooperation between all interested parties suppliers, contractors, workers, customers and owners, representatives of supervising and controlling organizations, community as a whole.

We create quality management system which reacts effectively to changes of external and internal environment of enterprise. Continuous improvement is main principle of our work.

Our staff is high-level professionals. Personal responsibility of every employee is main criteria of quality of his/her work. Optimal quality we achieve using optimal processes. Reliable and well-timed data from all stages of life cycle of work guarantees safe performance control. All companys personnel share principles of quality management system, involved in process of its creation; clearly understands goals of the work, sees results and has influence on them. Opinion of every worker is taken into account in functioning of quality management system.

Implementation and development of quality management system according to international standard ISO 9001:2009 will help us to improve quality of our services and persuade our customers that they made a right choice by choosing us.

Management takes responsibility:

  • to ensure conformity of quality management system to ISO 9001:2009 requirements;
  • continuously improve effectiveness of enterprise management system;

  • We value our consumers, our trademark and traditions. This is the basis of the principles, values, norms and views that make up our culture, attitude to the objectives and methods of achieving them.
    The company's management is committed to follow the quality policy, to respect the mentioned values and appeal with it to all staff of the enterprise and business units.
    I take responsibility for bringing this policy and the motivation of its implementation to the employees.

    Anatoliy Tkachenko, Director General of SINTEX Trade Co, Ltd

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