Agroindustrial group "Sintex"
Anethut graveolens (L)
Foeniculum vulgare (L)
Oreganium vulgare (L)
Majorana hortensis (L)
Menta piperita (L)
Ocimum basilicum (L)
Thymus vulgaris (L)
Artemisa dracunculus (L)
Silybum marianum (L)
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Agroindustrial group "Sintex"

Agroindustrial group of related companies Sintex Trade Co. Ltd specializes in processing, growing, wholesale and export of agricultural goods and food products.

Sintex Trade Co., Ltd is the manufacturer of dried vegetables and fruits, mushrooms, potherbs, natural seasonings and spices. Founders are individuals - residents of Ukraine.

In 2014 Sintex Trade Co., Ltd finished reconstruction and commissioning at structural unit of the company Nova Kahovka cannery and drying factory. Modern high-tech equipment allows us to produce product with the highest quality and natural color, smell and taste, with minimal loss of vitamins and bioactive substances. Enterprises production facilities are located at Nova Kahovka cannery and drying factory.

Our Nova Kahovka cannery and drying factory is located in the centre of fruits and vegetables farming area in Kherson region, which is ecologically clean region in the South of Ukraine.

The factory occupies total area of over 20,000 sqm with infrastructure over 5,000 sqm. During last two years owners conducted reconstruction of the enterprise by implementing the latest technologies in the processing of vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and potherbs. Here we organized receiving, processing (washing, cleaning, drying and sizing), packing and storage of vegetables, cereals, legumes, oilseed crops, etc. In the production cycle we use the latest foreign and domestic technologies and equipment such as optical sorter (separator) of Sortex brand. As for control and technical aspects company installed equipment from leading manufacturers; process of peeling of vegetables is automated, all equipment is made of stainless steel, the walls are covered with acid-resistant tiles, ceiling trimmed; modern ventilation system installed; certified laboratory; carefully selected qualified personnel. Production process complies with necessary hygiene measures and embedded internal audit management system ISO 19011: 2012. Audits of management systems (ISO 19011: 2011, IDT) are also carried out. In production we adhere to necessary hygienic measures with effective internal audit. Enterprise is certified by ISO 9001:2009 standard.

Our products:

  • Products with preserved color, smell and taste;
  • Dried vegetables carrot, onion, red beet, cabbage, pumpkin;
  • Dried mushrooms (champignon and oyster mushroom).

  • In production we use all types of cutting of vegetables dices, slices, half slices, flakes, stripes, shredded.


    Corrugated cardboard boxes with polyethylene enclosure. Packing 10-20 kg. Shelf life: 12 months in unsealed packing, 24-36 months in airtight packing (vacuum packaging).
    Unlike many other factories, we dont produce other types of semi-prepared foods such as meat and fish, thats why it lowers cross-contamination risk to zero.
    Good and strong synergy of our team definitely gives better quality of products and better service out of a totally new constructed factory with the newest technology and facilities. For today completely solved problem of the organization full production - sales cycle: purchase of raw materials from manufacturers, advance of product quality to the European standards, sale. Group supplies products to wholesale markets in countries such as Ukraine, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Sri-Lanka.
    Batch production and packaging of products according to: TU U 10.3-22740909-001:2014 Dried vegetables, their mixes, mushrooms and potherbs. Technical regulations

    Prospects of activity:

  • Expansion of the range of dried vegetables, fruits and potherbs;
  • Increase of volumes of dried products and introduction of small consumer packing;
  • Introduction of deep processing of essential and oil-yield crops;
  • Implementation of investment projects aimed to development of agriculture and food processing industry.
  • Sintex Trade Co., Ltd

    Sintex Trade Co., Ltd is a family-owned company, which started its business in 1995. It is a production, management company acting in the agro-industrial group of related companies.

    The main activities of the company:

  • manufacture of dried fruits and vegetables, mushrooms, potherbs, natural spices, dried food concentrates, spices and seasonings, food ingredients and semi-finished products;
  • design of the concept and corporate strategy of development of the Group;
  • fundraising and creation of business partnerships;
  • generation of business ideas;
  • strategic and financial control over the implementation of the planned programs (projects);
  • control and cash flow management, investment equity, distribution of profits;
  • reinvestment of most of the profits into modernization;
  • budget determination;
  • acquisition and creation of new promising areas for future business development;
  • participation in the operational management;
  • HR policy;
  • production;
  • wholesale trade;
  • export.
  • Company "SIT - reliant"

    The company "SIT - reliant" was founded in 2000.
    Company`s New Site "SIT - reliant"

    The main activities of the company:

  • distribution functions for promotion of own brands or trademarks of the manufacturer's structural unit Sintex Trade CO., Ltd Nova Kahovka canning and drying factory;
  • procurement and wholesale of fresh vegetables, fruits, potherbs;
  • manufacturing and wholesale of peeled fresh vegetables (chilled and frozen), fresh vegetables, fruits, frozen peeled potherbs;
  • organization of processing of agricultural goods on existing production facilities - cleaning, drying, grading, packaging, packing, storage;
  • fund-raising;
  • operational management;
  • cultivation of agricultural products in accordance with the rules of crop rotation, climatic features of southern Ukraine, market conditions and agroindustrial group strategy;
  • export.
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